It was a good weekend.    No particular big commitments, and plenty of time for gaming.    And all tanks, 5x matches, all weekend.    Taking stock after it’s all over I have :

  • Free XP is up dramatically to 82k.    So I’ll be able to spend that, if desired, in upgrading some tank in the future.   For the moment, I think I’ll hold onto that.
  • SU-85B crew is around 97% in towards Brothers in Arms.   I’m guessing around another month, and they’ll finally hit 100%.
  • VK4502 B is at 49k of 196k towards the Maus.    About a quarter of the way there.   Thank goodness.
  • 61k of 65k for the upgraded Jagdtiger gun – so it won’t be long for this one to get unlocked.    The Jackson I bought over the weekend is 2k of 14k towards the Tier VII gun.
  • M5 Stuart is 400 XP away from unlocking the M7, and then a large 56k towards the Chafee.
  • Tiger II and T32 are about 6k towards 22k for turrets, as their final upgrades.    So far, the T32 is pretty hard to hurt which is fun, and the Tiger II is something of a beast in each match.    It probably doesn’t hurt that the Tiger II’s crew is on their third secondary skill, and I love the Sixth Sense on it.
  • T-50-2 is working on a turret and a final gun before being elited.      Still trying to figure out the best way to employ this tank, other than the obvious “Be A Scout”.
  • GW Panther at 18k of 162k, and S-51 at 9k of 146k towards the next tier artillery.

Today I noted that in 8.6 (The update, after the next update) there are rumors that  the artillery trees will be expanded out to Tier X officially, and the progression will be smoothed out somewhat.     This makes me not sure how hard to pound on the arty lines; if I unlock an arty at 162k, and it will cost me 120k after the update, maybe I’ll just work on other tanks.   So my arty is coming off the primary list pending more information.

And no post after a 5x weekend would be complete without a note on the best games.

T-50 game played in active scout role

T-50 game played in active scout role

The map was Live Oaks, and dodging through the swamp and staying low, I managed to keep everything spotted pretty well for the team.

2nd best game (After the Stuart's 1st)

2nd best game (After the Stuart’s 1st)

Owning in the Tiger II

Owning in the Tiger II

This last game was particularly fun.    Airfield map, I pushed along the southern area which the enemy didn’t really defend, and made it to the other side of the bluff.     I took out single-handedly a Lowe from 100%, the VK3001 from about 75%, and a Type 59 as well before pushing in to win via capping.    The game of dodgem between me and the Lowe was a lot of fun, and I was well prepared for it with a lot of ability to maneuver.    I knew I had to just keep his attention until teammates got over, but I ultimately killed him outright; the T34 that came in to brawl with me bounced his shot, distracted the Lowe, long enough for me to land the killing blow.   Unfortunately, it seems I deleted the replay.

I did keep the replay for my KV-4 Top Gun victory.    Quite the rush, taking out four Tier VIII’s on the way to victory.     Although I obviously didn’t do the heavy lifting, I still had a ton of fun finishing this one off.