I think it’s official – I’m terribad with the 4502P B.


A mere 290 efficiency after almost 200 games. Nothing says bad, like Terribad.

Despite the addition of a good gun (Tier X with 246 pen and 290 damage) I have watched my rating move up from 230 to 290 after acquiring it.    I don’t think this is going very far.    I have a long and painful grind to get up to 196k for the Maus.  Wish I could just sell the stupid thing and move on.    But I am NOT going to get this close to unlocking my first Tier X tank and just give up without getting there.

Not that I have a much better rating with the Jagdtiger (329) or my arty pieces (tied at 497), but at least those can improve having only a few games in them, and I’m very confident they’ll all improve since none are elited.

A review of all my tanks reveals only one that’s worse :

The BT-2 ?     142 effieciency ?

The BT-2 ? 142 effieciency ?

That surprised me, since as I recall I only sold the thing because I had no garage slots at the time.    It got me my very first kamikaze, which was gratifying.

Now on the plus side, both the NC-31 and the MS-1 have great efficiency.

MS-1.   1446.    Very nice.

MS-1. 1446. Very nice.

And the NC-31 I get a 1769 which makes me even happier.

And the NC-31 I get a 1769 which makes me even happier.

I like this because I like playing tier 1.     Outside of Tier 1, my next highest (not too surprisingly) is the T-28.

1385 is pretty respectable.

1385 is pretty respectable.

So things are not all that bad, but at high tier, I’m at a whole different level.     This makes me happier that I never rushed to the “end game” content since it seems I’m more comfortable in other tiers.

Now, for the remainder of the week, I’m continuing to try and pile up credits in anticipation of a 50% off equipment sale.    I can likely blow through a couple million strengthening my garage, so for the moment no Tier 9’s and possibly some arty matches.