Wargaming has been teasing us for awhile, but here’s the NA special :

World of Tanks 2nd Anniversary Weekend

 Experience for the First Victory of the Day in Each Vehicle

 50% Credit Discount for Equipment

 50% Gold & Credit Discount fo Crew Training and Retraining

 Gold Discount for Premium

  • 3 days for 350
  • 7 days for 650
  • 360 days for 21,600
  • 180 days for 12,150

Medal Hunt: Top Gun

  • Earn an extra 25,000 every time you obtain the Top Gun Medal

 30% Credit Increase Per Battle & 30% Credit Discount on the Following Tier VIII Tanks & Tier VI SPGs

ISU-152 ISU-152
T28 PrototypeT28 Prototype
T28 T28
Jagdpanther IIJagdpanther II
AMX AC Mle. 1948AMX AC Mle. 1948
AT 15AT 15
AMX 13 90AMX 13 90
T69 T69
M26 PershingM26 Pershing
Centurion Mk. ICenturion Mk. I
Panther IIPanther II
T32 T32
VK 45.02 (P) Ausf. AVK 45.02 (P) Ausf. A
Pz.Kpfw. Tiger IIPz.Kpfw. Tiger II
AMX 50 100AMX 50 100
110 110
M12 M12
GW PantherGW Panther
Lorraine155 50Lorraine155 50

 15% Gold Discount on the Following Premium Vehicles

T26E4 Super Pershing T26E4 Super Pershing 
T34 T34
IS-6 IS-6 
FCM 50 t FCM 50 t
8,8 cm PaK 43 Jagdtiger 8,8 cm PaK 43 Jagdtiger
Löwe Löwe

 100% Credit Increase Per Battle for the Following Vehicles

SU-85 SU-85 
T49 T49 
M10 Wolverine M10 Wolverine
AT 2 AT 2
S-35 CA S-35 CA
T-34 T-34 
M4 Sherman M4 Sherman 
M7 M7
Pz.Kpfw. IV Pz.Kpfw. IV
Pz.Kpfw. III/IV Pz.Kpfw. III/IV
Type T-34 Type T-34
KV-1 KV-1 
T1 Heavy Tank T1 Heavy Tank
Churchill I Churchill I

 50% Credit Increase Per Battle for the Following Vehicles

T-50-2 T-50-2 
M24 Chaffee M24 Chaffee 
59-16 59-16 
Crusader Crusader
VK 16.02 Leopard VK 16.02 Leopard
SU-8 SU-8 
M41 M41 
Hummel Hummel 
AMX 13 F3 AM AMX 13 F3 AM

I just *knew* it would be an equipment special.     Think I’ll be picking up short-term premium as well, for maximum XP gain with the X5.    And while it might be nice to get tanks on sale, I have such a glut of tank lines I’m working I believe I’ll try to resist – the M41, and Jagdpanther II stand out.

But no sale on garage slots, unfortunately.    I would like to expand my garage, as contradictory as that is, but not at 300 gold a pop.    I still have six empty slots so I’m not pressed in any sense at least.

But wait – there’s more !   Gift shop items :

KV-5 Bundle – $44.49

VIII KV-5 KV-5– Garage Slot
– 2,500
– 10 Large Repair Kits
– 5 Large First Aid Kits

Type 62 Bundle – $43.79

VII Type 62 Type 62– Garage Slot
– 2,500
– 30 Days Premium
– 10 Large Repair Kits
– 5 Large First Aid Kits

Birthday Bundle #1 – $28.49

– 2,500
– 2,500,000

Birthday Bundle #2 – $62.39

– 6,000
– 6,000,000

360 Days of Premium – $85.79

180 Days of Premium – $51.09

IS-6 Bundle – $41.09

– Garage Slot

Super Pershing Bundle – $28.99

VIII T26E4 Super Pershing T26E4 Super Pershing
– Garage Slot


That KV-5 special is looking pretty good.   I often considered buying this thing, never did, perhaps it’s time to do so ?    The Super Pershing at $29 is pretty much exactly the same as normal – would cost $31 today.   But if you buy it during the special, it’s a mere $25.50 equivalent; the IS-6 is a similarly bad value.

And that Birthday Bundle #2 is a pretty good value.   21,000 gold equivalent if I did my math right, and that would cost $87.50 normally (12,000 gold at $50 = 240 gold/dollar.    21,000 gold / 240 = 87.50).     8750 gold equivalent for the Bundle #1, which works out to $36.45.