When we last left the Mushroom Island, we had about four cows.    Then I saved the game.

Turns out, the Mooshrooms can get stuck under the bridges during save events.   Scratch one red cow.     They can also simply get stuck if you walk across the bridge – for some reason, they have to swim if you do that, not follow along the bridge, and they can get stuck and die.   Scratch another mooshroom.

My daughter insisted I make baby mooshrooms along the way.   Every time they hit deep water, they died.   This is a pretty deadly cattle drive so far.

So I stopped in the jungle, near the village, and tried to breed the mooshrooms.   I ran into an unexpected problem.

Hey !   Get down from there !

Hey ! Get down from there !

Stupid things decided to climb to the tops of trees.   So naturally, I started clearing the jungle.   Oh, yeah, that’ll work.    After clearing a ton of trees and no closer to keeping them out of the top of them, I decided to move them to the southward turn and pen them up there.

No, not you sheep

No, not you sheep

As the other animals kept getting in the way, I eventually perfected whacking them with the wheat for small damage, which made them run around and avoid me, and continue backing up with my Mooshrooms.

Ultimately I ended up with a pen of them at the southward turn, but ran low on wheat.   So it was clearly time to try and get two farther along.    In case of disaster, I have two fallback positions :

  1. Southward turn.    There’s about 12 mooshrooms there.
  2. Village / Jungle / bolthole.   I think there’s another four of them still there.

And in the meantime, they follow me through the tunnel closer and closer to home base.