Most memorable moments within World of Tanks.

  1. No doubt, my Kolobanov’s medal on the old Malinovka Assault.     I fondly remember telling all my teammates to hang loose on the mountain, and don’t rush.    Few of them listened.    With just two of us left, the rest of their team moved in towards the cap and started getting murdered.     The Loltraker next to me gets blown up.    And I proceed to kill all of the enemy and win the victory.   I even consoled one enemy and told him that yeah, this map is unbalanced and it’s not his fault he lost.
  2. Trying to salvage a win with the T29.     It was the Cliffs, we were south, and my team all managed to grind themselves up moving up the valley.     I doubled back after almost getting wrecked, and seeing the enemy flanking, and found four enemies in the base.   I managed to kill all of them with my 10% health left untouched.     I pulled this off by peek-a-boo along the little road leading into the base, so I was nicely hull down for every shot.    Managed to take out a fifth guy on the mountain before the enemy KV-5 with some helper started rumbling along toward the base, and he did the same thing to me – hulled down on the entrance to base and killed me.
  3. Suiciding in the T-150.   It’s the Serene Coast, a map I hated, and we’re all camped out stuck in the middle as usual.     I decide to break the logjam or die in the process.   Unexpectedly, I break the logjam and kill 9 of the enemy all weakened by my teammates, earning a steel wall and the Radley Walters medal.    Mostly I can’t believe how many shots I pinged during that episode.
  4. The unearned Kolobanov’s medal with my Ferdinand.    10 seconds facing the enemy alone and time expired.
  5. The MS-1 on Mines.   It’s a Tier 2 battle with maybe four Tier 1’s.   We took the south side, and I watched my entire team evaporate in front of my eyes while I took out two enemies.     Well, I knew for sure we were going to lose, but decided to take as many of them with me as I could.    And they all came at the little Tier 1 tank alone, singly, overconfident, and I killed another six of them at various points just north of the southern base.    I had a compatriot or two drive into the base and help out a bit either with distraction or damaging the enemy, but the final moment of killing the last guy who was capping, with my HP drastically reduced and frantically trying to move, aim, and kill him will stick with me forever as he took out my last ally and I stood alone, with 11 kills and a defender medal.    If only I had replays on !
  6. Jagdpanther on Murovanka, and I hide in the forest.     Snipe across the field all game with a strange fey feeling in my heart.     Somehow, I knew this game was going to be magical, fantastic, and deadly.   I was right.   The enemy doesn’t manage to shoot at me all game.     The Ferdinand I’m harassing dies.   The KV-5 goes down.    Various small tanks go boom.    I’m left facing two enemies alone.    One heads down a nice straight path towards the forest and takes a mortal hit.    And I’m left facing a T-50 and thinking well, this is it.    All he’s got to do is get around behind me and it’s all over.     Except he made the bad tactical decision to stop in front of me and aim, boom, victory with a top gun.    Teammates all congratulate me on the cool head.
  7. Sand River.   Assault.    We’re defending, and I tuck my tank overlooking the southern plateau, where one team usually spawns.   As the battle rages I move closer in towards the “base”.   Time is getting short.   We end up One Vs one, a T30 charging hard towards my position.   Only a little bit of time left.    Just have to keep backing up, keep under cover, for a few more fractions of a second……And here he comes.    Zero is on the clock.    He crests the hill, fires a shot, and time runs out before the explosion even registers on the screen.   We were defeated with zero seconds left.
  8. Perhaps my third battle in the game.     We’re on Malinovka, and at this point I’ve figured out you don’t shoot your teammates and don’t charge the field.   Except some guy on the north team does exactly this, he’s a Tier 3 facing us little Tier 1’s.     Drives through the barrier and into the middle of us defenders and dispatches our little baby seal asses quickly, dieing with three kills.    I thought, what a badass!    I want to do that too !     I think this was the moment I was really hooked on the game.
  9. Karelia.    Tier 4 ish battle.     Some guy convinces everyone to rush down the middle.   The enemy lightly defends, and gets squashed.    We steamroll into the base and get a victory within two minutes.    My very next match is Karelia, again.  I’m trying to convince everyone to do the same thing, but nobody listens.   We go towards a defeat after a 12 minute battle.
  10. Various trolling moments.   The guy who told me “o7” means they’re calling you gay, which I believed.    The griefer who tried to get me killed.    The Sherman I traded barbs with through the whole match on Live Oaks, and while we were capping I invited him to kill me.    He did.   Probably got himself a day ban for that.    The internet tough guys that I manage to enrage, who are probably 12 in real life, and literally tell me they’re going to kill me.    I laugh them off.   And the PZII who got annoyed that I clipped him in my little MS-1, and decided to harass me through the whole match, though not stopping me from getting kills and damages, and who finally killed me with seconds to spare before we capped the base.     Not all good moments, but they sure stand out.
  11. KV-2 on the Steppes, top tank and only Tier VI.    It’s an encounter battle and we started on the south side.     As we clashed along the 1-2 lines most of my allies ended up dead, but I managed to derp 5 enemy players and emerge alone from the confrontation.   But it’s not over – I race across the map as it becomes a  one-on-one confrontation and the timer counts down.    He guessed wrong about which side I’d come along as I charge into the base.    He missed and I hit him for the win, and Top Gun.
  12. The times I see people I “know” in the game (Sometimes just by reputation).    JJcool matches (the guy has like 10,000 matches in his MS-1) many times, both teammates and enemies.    Marxist, the outspoken T-26 driver with another 10,000 matches, and an apparent dedicated French communist.    Fighting against fellow blogger Gank.    Encountering Cybergen who makes a lot of cool skins.    Random pub game and I’m playing with My Friend.    These are rare enough to warrant a mention as the pleasure factor when this happens is very very high.

I’m surprised I’ve got that many memories of this game.   Sure, I have the blog and the posts, but I dredged all of this up by daydreaming and didn’t search for any of this.     Got any interesting game stories ?