It’s Saint Patricks day, often an excuse to drink beer.     But for me it’s an excuse to sit in front of the computer, with triple crew XP available.    And thanks to the weekend special, I’ve gone ahead and splurged on two new tanks.

The hard to penetrate T32

The hard to penetrate T32

Been anticipating playing this for quite some time, just waiting for a sale.   And playing it will be waiting some time still.    I think I’ll wait for a crew training special, or until my current heavys manage to become elited.    Solomon, my gunner from my T1, has been sitting in the barracks forever with 147% just waiting to play again.   The rest of the crew are 50% scrubs.

Still need to decide if I want to burn up free XP to advance all the modules in the tank or not.

And then there’s my new Tiger II.

But - no crew ?

But – no crew ?

For the longest time I’ve ignored the idea of using premium tanks as secondary training grounds for crewmen, and my Lowe just has its own crew who skill up as normal.   They’re doing fantastic (around 290%) and I think this is the point where I’m going to retrain them out of the Lowe to the Tiger II.    Then, they can drive both of these tanks.    But again, waiting for a special to come along that allows this.

I also went ahead and bought camo for the first time at a paltry 13 gold each.     I only have to worry about a single “Map type” for them – no desert or winter maps there.    To buy for all three would be a mere 39 gold, except its not needed.   Then, you get to your other tanks like the Lowe.

It's nice that it's on sale, but at 300 gold it's still pretty darn pricey.

It’s nice that it’s on sale, but at 300 gold it’s still pretty darn pricey.

For a tiny bit of extra camo, doesn’t feel worth it, even half price at 300 gold.    But all three of my Tier 1’s now have it.

Now having a mere 7.4 million credits, my desire is to bring that up to 8 and move on.    The only problem is, seems like I lose every match in my Lowe.     I am steadily accumulating credits even so, but my win percentage is not getting any better.  I am starting to get more comfortable with that.    Apparently, I’m a solidly average player at 50% wins.     That’s fine with me.

  • VK4502P is 43k of 63k towards the Tier X gun.     What a long, slow, slog this thing is.    Unless it magically gets better with that gun I anticipate selling this miserable thing.
  • 163k of 166k towards the ST-I.   Just couldn’t string together enough wins, but it’ll come soon enough.    Also moved up to Tank #10 most played, and once it passes the KV-1 (About 50 matches) I’ll probably give it a rest.
  • Elited the PZ II G, now only the PZ I C to go and I’ve caught up on the German scout track.
  • Lots of crew progress on various tanks.   Most noteworthy is the 35% on tertiary skills for my MS-1 crew, but I can see the difference on all of them.

Now if only I could progress on my phony Irish accent, which I can’t do well anymore, I could do better than the post title here.