I loaded up Planetside 2.    Why, you might ask ?    It’s free, and I did get a code for a few thousand Station Cash for logging in one time.    John Smedley pushed it himself in a Reddit AMA, and while this might be a BS transparent attempt to build up interest in his MMO, I also know from advanced age that sometimes a banana is just a banana, and the guy sounds very sincere and passionate about the game.    I know next to nothing about the game otherwise, except that it is a massive shooter title, with some MMO elements, but much more based on player skill than it is a traditional fantasy MMO.

The visuals, as usual, are very immersive.    Every game out there is making beautiful graphics, this is apparently the easy part.    However, I did not locate a list of commands and so took no screenshots.     You start out by “jumping” into a hot spot of action on the planet where the very standard three factions are all duking it out for control.

I have no idea what happened when I was dropped into the game.    The lag was abysmal.    I waited perhaps 20 seconds for the screen to update/shift.    I think I was killed on the spawn, which mirror’s TAGN’s documented experience with the game.

OK, then.     Perhaps I am simply suffering from graphical lag.    I reset the game down to medium graphics and log in again, and find myself wandering around the base for my faction.    It’s very pretty.    There are what looks like a bunch of terminals at various points, and strange glowing columns that apparently work as staircases up and down.   But that’s about all I’m able to figure out, so I log out in frustration.

As I’m writing up this post, I find out what my mistake apparently was.    You pretty much better read player guides to getting started, first.    OK then – the first google hit was this Wiki document, telling me that the first time you log in, you get dropped in the middle of the action.    Did you like that ?    No ?   OK, then log out and you will be transported to the base for your faction.     So far, this is exactly my experience.

From the Wiki, I discover I should look for terminals next.     A terminal with a gun, is used for selecting your class.    A terminal with a tank, selects a ground vehicle, and an airplane selects an airplane.   Practice moving around in a vehicle, before going into combat, is suggested.   To go into combat, I apparently look for a map terminal.    OK then – now I have an idea what to do when logging in next.

And here is a screenshot of the gun terminal, where I’m supposed to select a class first :

I believe I'll be heading for that first when re-entering the game.

I believe I’ll be heading for that first when re-entering the game.