Minecraft continues.    Thanks to Amidst, I realized that in my main game world Biomass, I could also find myself a mushroom biome.    And perhaps get some Mooshrooms for my main base.    So I used the program, and worked out the best place to go.

It's far away, but it's there

It’s far away, but it’s there

This involves going North for 11,000 blocks and from there, 4,000 blocks East.    That’s the closest one !     But that’s fine, there’s nothing like a goal to keep you going in Minecraft.

So what this means is building a succession of bolt holes along a road going north. Now mind you, it is possible to simply go and not have to build little shelters along the way, but I find that the game is more enjoyable that way.    If you just use your bed, in the middle of the terrain outside, you don’t get a place to store the items you may be accumulating along the way, as I carve out the road.

The other negative is what happens if you die.    If you die, and you are carrying around your bed, you respawn back at the origin.     This really sucks, if for example, you are trying to traverse 15,000 blocks.

I made it without incident to the 4,000 block mark, when things started to get more interesting.    I hit a marshy area which ate up a bunch of dirt blocks, and then I got an ocean and headed out.    And I ran out of dirt !   500 blocks were being carried, and I had no more way to build the road.

Land just barely visible behind me

Land just barely visible behind me

This meant spend a few days prospecting for dirt, something I didn’t expect to ever need to do again.   It was that, or run back to the main base, and I didn’t want to go all that way.

Hopefully, this is enough dirt

This was enough dirt

And I found land at block 5,200 :


So now I’m about halfway on the north path to the Mushroom biome.