World of Tanks has moved on from a standard grinding game for me.    Now, the critical path is gaining credits.    And with that, I find myself playing the game with a different set of priorities/focuses (foci?) than before.    They are :

Accumulate the credits

If you don’t have credits, you can’t play the high tier tanks.      This is VK4502P, Jagdtiger, and KV-4.     There will be no straight grinding of these beasts, and in fact, since I want to get somewhere with them someday, the Jagdtiger doesn’t even get any play right now.     Need around 50k for a high tier gun for the VK, and then the Maus grind is a mammoth 196k.    The KV-4 is 2/3 of the way to the ST-I; and at this rate, it will be sometime in April before I unlock that.

Grind the Skills

The skill system in this game is pretty well done.    After long grinds you can have tanks with a small advantage in the game over twitch and position (and ping!).   I’d love to see my Ferdi with a heavy repair presence, and we’re on the road to that with 40-ish 2nd skills.    And this is the case with almost everything – it’s either that first primary 100%, or the first or second skill set.    Move em up and enjoy the abilities.

Race Up The Charts

The game of top/bottom tanks, within the tanks which I own, still continues to amuse.

Top Ten Tanks

Top Ten Tanks

Since I could grind credits with it, I played the heck out of the KV-2 and finally pushed it over above the PZIV, which I no longer play nor even really like.     Now it’s #6.    The Ferdinand is seeing some games and soon will push into position # 8, pushing down the despised KV-1.

I have a gaggle of tanks which I’m grinding up to see them move up in the ranks on various parts of this personal leaderboard.     A constant theme, is that tanks I still own, are moving up to get “above” some tank which I’ve sold or is otherwise out of favor.

Here's positions 51 - 61 on the leaderboard

Here’s positions 51 – 61 on the leaderboard.

The T1E6 is a good example of the synergy of these three goals – I want to continue skilling up that crew; move them up the leaderboard; and build up credits for those Tier VIII and IX matches.    Shouldn’t be too long and it can overtake the Wolverine (too much glass cannon, I sold it).   Same for the NC-31.     The Jagdtiger, however, is going to have to wait until something else is elited.

The bottom - positions 63 to 73

The bottom – positions 63 to 73

This is the area I look at as the “Bottom” – I still own this tank (Renault FT AC) and no ones below it.     (The real bottom is position 84, an ignominious spot held by the Vickers Mk I Tier 1 British tank.)  A mere two matches to pass the Panzerjager.    Both my Tier V arties are here and crawling upwards; the S-51 needs 26k until the big gun, with the GW Panther being 16k to the next gun.    Just getting started, both of them.    The UE 57 and the Cruiser Mk IV are good credit grinders and, well, might as well move them up the ranks too.

The game also stays amusing because each match, individually, is fun.     There’s always new tanks and new foes to face.      Rule changes and tweaks manage to keep bringing the fun.    And one way or another, brand new tanks enter the charts and start their own race.

Now I realize, probably most of the above is boring to anyone reading this, but the point is I soldier on and this is the stuff that manages to keep me amused in the game.     If I’m doing this, some of you are doing the same.    Or maybe something different – if so, leave a comment.   How do you cope with the highest tier grind ?