I’ve done a few things in Minecraft.    First off, built a second set of diamond armor. Why two sets ?    I’m not sure, really, what I’m saving the Level 30 enchanted set for, but I did save it.    And headed in and cleared out most of the abandoned mineshaft.

Lots of things to gather here

Lots of things to gather here

This included removing all the support posts, any ores visible, and spiderwebs.   The spider spawners were much easier to deal with, and creeper blasts did almost nothing to me with full diamond on.     After mostly emptying the place, I headed back to my home base.

Then, I used a little program I heard about called amidst.exe.   This is a utility that tells you the location of strongholds, and villages.     I used it to carve a path to a stronghold and excavate my way in and to the End Portal.

Ah Hah !   So that's where it is !

Ah Hah ! So that’s where it is !

Next I headed back to my home base, and started work in typical ADD fashion.    I collected more pumpkins – they grow very fast, once the stems have matured.   I collected wheat and bred chickens.    I continued to flatten terrain in the area around my home.    And I started hunting Endermen.

If you simply hang around outside your home, you’ll fight all kinds of baddies that spawn at night.    You’ll go through a lot of stone swords doing this, I discovered.   But I don’t want to burn up an iron sword, or diamond, just killing zombies.    So with a new set of iron armor on, a bunch of stone swords, and one diamond sword, I wait until I see an Endermen and then the fight I really want to happen begins.

To fight them, just wait until you see one, and are not in the middle of other enemies.    Create a 3-block high dirt pillar underneath you.   Stare at the Endermen, who will get royally pissed off at you, and charge.    But he can’t hurt you much because you’re on top of the pillar.   Whack him with diamond sword until dead.    I now own two ender pearls to activate the end portal.

Work has begun on the observation tower.

It took awhile to turn it into a tower from a "sundial" staircase

It took awhile to turn it into a tower from a “sundial” staircase

I thought I could get away with a single set of ladders on one side but changed my mind, and will put ladders on all four sides.    Then I’ll enclose it in the nice baked stone blocks.

Not that I’ve forgotten about World of Tanks.     I just get in a few matches occasionally, so there’s no real progress to report.    I’m trying to concentrate on unlocking the ST-I with the KV-4, but it’s slow going.   It doesn’t help that I missed the 5x weekend.

In the meantime, Minecraft keeps me from going nuts.    Two more weeks of intense analysis software development work.    Then I get left alone, the programmers etc start to set everything up, and I am back to doing one job.    And gaming, if I don’t collapse from exhaustion.