Not playing a lot of games, because work.    Because moving family.    What I have been able to do is mess around with Minecraft a fair amount.

Map Biomass

I have managed to find a fair number of different biomes and build a little highway to them all.    This gives me access to all the biomes.   I want for no material other than the fabled Mooshrooms.

My little hill I dug into and used for home, has been transformed into a cobblestone and fancy stone castle with a single turret.

My humble abode

My humble abode

Next project should be to build a little shelter, and explore the abandoned mineshaft I found.

Hey!   What's that?

Hey! What’s that?

The Mineshaft is full of deadly cave spiders, with a nasty venom and a habit of attacking in conjunction with skeletons.   I just managed to hollow out the terraces towards the shaft before I realized I needed more firepower to fight these creatures.

The most fun with this map seems to be just exploring – expanding the highway along the four cardinal directions, north south east and west from the castle.    I’d like to find a desert temple and underground stronghold, but first things first.    And I have never built a nether portal in this world, but I’m not that interested in doing that.

I’ve also started farming cocoa and pumpkins.    Cocoa grows astonishingly fast, so with a few jungle woods I should have plenty of cocoa.   Pumpkins seem to take forever to grow.   Not only that, one pumpkin yields four seeds, and grows one pumpkin at a time.     So making a large farm full of them will take just about forever.

Map Shroom

I heard about this seed which puts you right next to a mooshroom biome so I started to play it.    You don’t want for food – simply use a bowl to milk a mooshroom cow, and you have mushroom stew.

How now, red cow ?

How now, red cow ?

Land bridges made of dirt, as always, across the water

Land bridges made of dirt, as always, across the water

I started in frozen snow territory, and built out into the ocean until I reached a small island.   You can’t farm wheat in the frozen area as water is, well, frozen.   Unless you use torches to melt it.    Technically it might grow, but still, I’d rather grow it in favorable climes.

I may start a third map for no other reason than I keep hearing about awesome seeds.