The weekend did it, I have elited the M7 Priest.

Love my custom skins

Love my custom skins

I think I’m changing my mind about it too – it’s not a bad arty.   It makes money at least.    And arty seems to be much less consistent anyway as far as having a good or a bad game.

The enemies behavior will dictate how successful you are.    Move around a lot ?   Jink up and down and back and forth and I can’t hit you.     Does my team suck (All dead quickly) ?    I won’t be able to do much.      But I might be able to beat you hard if you hold still, and I can see you.

The new GWPanther is awesome.

Ready to rock

Ready to rock

It has a fantastically large field of fire, meaning I need to move much less and ruin my aim.     Even stock it’s a lot of fun to play.    I wonder how much better it will get once I manage to elite it – tracks, engine and gun remain to be researched.     Now I understand why people like this tank so much.

The S-51 is the polar opposite.

That's quite the long gun.

That’s quite the long gun.

It has a vanishingly small field of fire; adjust your tank by moving a tad, and your aim gets spoiled.    But it doesn’t seem to take as long for this thing to aim as other arties.    I should have upgraded tracks very quickly, and then it’s a long grind for the 203mm Tier VIII gun (35,000 xp).    So far I like it, though I couldn’t really tell you anything outstanding about the thing.

One thing is clear though about Tier VI arties like these – don’t expect to make money.    After removing the credit bonus for the weekend, I’ve mostly gotten even credit matches.     Well, that’s fine as far as it goes anyway.

Grinding notes –

  • KV-4 has passed 100K towards the ST-I.   Secondary skills are quite strong now with 60-ish percents for most crewmen.
  • 4502P has the upgraded turret.   I debated whether to put it on before getting the new gun, as it turns much more slowly, but the trade off for the high frontal armor seems to be worth it so far.     Now have 7k towards the Tier X gun.

Top Ten tanks have changed a bit –

Currently playing the Ferdi and the KV-2 until they move up on this list.

Currently playing the Ferdi and the KV-2 until they move up on this list.

The idea being to move the KV-1 (which I always hated) and the Pz4 (Which I just don’t like after the nerf) out of the top.    If those two move up, I’ll probably select some other tank and try and grind it up.

I mix things up a lot more now too.   I’m soured on the idea of playing win streaks – the weekend has seen a lot more single matches in tanks, which got triples, and then picking various non-primary tanks and getting in a match or two.   And I now have the credits for the Tier 4 French TD……