It seems that I’m not paying sufficient attention when analyzing artillery and the M7 priest.      There are various reports (and Mr Gank) that the M7 priest just sucks period, balanced out by those who love the little guy.      OK.   It could be this is simply not the right arty for me; I sure hated playing the M37 too.   Maybe I just need to play a different arty.

I then proceed to win 5 games with the Hummel, 2 of them with 2 kills.    It’s simply much better suited to my playstyle, somehow, then the Priest is despite having a mere 22 shots.    Which, I never managed to throw all of at any point.

And it doesn’t hurt that for the weekend special, I have the opportunity to buy the GWPanther and the S-51 at a 50% discount.    Or in credits, 1,350,000 less cost.     If I’m ever going to buy either (and the answer is yes, someday) then clearly tonight is the time to do it.