Situation : Having finished moving all the furniture, I retire to the computer room and get a two hour tanking session in.      I win about 4 out of 28 matches.    I’m tired and annoyed, and only playing the tanks with the credit bonuses for the weekend, watching them pile up.

I get into my T-150 and it turns out dinner is ready.      This means, of course, it’s time for suicide – especially since I’m just beginning a game on a sucky map that takes a long time to finish.

Instead, I’m late to dinner and this happens :

The Radley-Walters Medal

The Radley-Walters Medal

The replay is here.     We’re on the Serene Coast, a miserable excuse for a map, and I’m on the south side.    Sitting in my favorite spot sniping, when I decide to break the logjam and push the center, certainly dieing in the process.    Instead, between me and my teammates we eliminate the entire enemy team.     Every shot that bounced off me brought victory that much closer.

It’s games like this that I play the game for.