After just over 1,000 matches they finally made it.

There it is !

There it is !

Helped by the current special (Black Tom weekend) and double crew experience, they made it over the hump.

Driving it with the BIA feels just a bit more deadly; everything roundly feels a slight improvement, so after a few battles having it I think I like it.    And I think the order earned was correct, camo, then BIA.

The next question is just how to do the next skill for them.   The commander should have Sixth Sense, clearly.   But do I wait forever for him to hit it, or just do repair for the moment, then retrain it after he’s done ?

Looks like he'd have to grind up a lot.

Looks like he’d have to grind up a lot.

I believe that’s going to be 4% at the 17k experience each level, for a total of 68k.     That’s one heck of a long time to earn that – with my average XP that comes out to 240 matches.   Thats a no go.    But if spending gold, it would only cost 200 gold to keep the current level.

Actually, it becomes more of a bargain to spend the gold, and retrain down from some other skill, the more skills your crewman has.    So it’s repair for the commander, and the driver needs a skill.    Off Road Driving, or Clutch Braking ?    Either one would be useful for this particular tank.

I also had a good match over the weekend with the Hetzer.   Top Gun, Sniper, and new vehicle records.

And, finally a master badge.

And, finally a master badge.

The Sharpshooter badge is for hitting vehicles in a row, without missing.   I would expect a relatively low tier tank would hold my personal record, but to my surprise I’ve apparently never missed with my VK4502B !

With this match, the combo is a surprising 43.

With this match, the combo is a surprising 43.  I may not penetrate you, but I’ll hit you.

Having achieved 20k in XP on this tank, I thought a second time about what path to travel and decided to get the Tier IX gun first.   It’s used on multiple other tanks, plus the 46k it cost is half of the total to get the Tier X (20k for turret, and 63k for the gun).   Not to mention the new turret is slow (but better armored) and may not be much fun once I am required to use it.

This week is American tech tree focus, with 50% off of tanks I already own, up to the T29.   Bah.   But next weekend, the rumor is (I lost the link) 50% off equipment and other very desirable specials.   I’m sure I’ll be out a lot of silver after buying equipment for another 3 or 4 tanks.