At last, the MS-1 crew is 99% BIA.    And the next one percent will cost a cool 19,000 XP.

That is a big number.

That is a big number.


Almost as soon as they hit this mark, it’s the One.    Thousandth.   Match.    In my MS-1.

I start out the bottom tank, but at least it’s Himmelsdorf :



Moved into a good sniper spot and wait for developments.



Unfortunately, few of the enemy came this way.    I managed to take out a very weakened T18, thus leaving two enemies heading into our cap.



Being one of two close to them, I needed to be the defender, but I wasn’t up to the job.

I lost this little duel

I lost this little duel

Kind of a let down for a thousandth match, but c’e la vie.

I think part of what attracts me to XP’ing this crew up is the sheer difficulty.    My Tier 7 to 9 tanks, these can earn a whole lot of points.   Get one shotted and you’re probably talking 250xp, and a thousand point game is not something impossible.

Now a tier 1, get one-shotted and you get 60 XP.    Epic games can net me a thousand (Maximum 1,366!), but the usual is 277.     The third skill for the commander is clearly Sixth Sense – like THAT will ever come.     I think that last 1% for the third skill is 38k.    This is not out of the realm of possibility for, say, my VK4502A which has such a higher earning potential.

Add to this the inverse relationship between tier, and silver credits earned, and I’ll be driving these tanks as long as I continue the game.

In one of those (Forehead slap!) moments, I realized that I could put the crew of the MS-1 into the Tetrarch for a bit of extra Xp’ing.    The Tetrarch has a 3 man crew with a gunner, but the other two positions are similar.    This will be part of the regular rotation now.     For some reason I had it in my head that this was a medium tank.