The Chinese are here.


This tends to happen with new tanks doesn’t it ?

The first tank in the Chinese tree is the NC-31, which is apparently a french design that China made in its early tank program.    The tank is slow, powerful, and packs a wallop.   I instantly liked it.

After blowing 400 gold to 100% the crew, my next mission was to elite the tank.    Of course, at Tier 1, this took a mere three matches.     Next question is, what skills to give the two man crew.     Camo is usually a good bet, but I think I’ll hold off on selecting one until I have more matches with it.

8.3 also contains the great artillery nerf.     I was pleased to find myself having a fantastic match, however, with my Priest despite the nerf.    Not playing artillery enough to really feel the difference – but it’s noticeable that matches have less artillery pieces.    Are we that upset with the nerf we’re going to refuse to play ?

Post patch had some fun matches, but did not manage a wholesale “Slaughter the new tanks” match in my MS-1, which I was hoping to do.     Perhaps sometime this weekend, as you can expect the phenomenon to continue on Friday and perhaps later.

I have been playing a lot of Civilization V, which helps account for my lack of World of Tanks progress.    On the other hand, I decided to eat my words and start playing the VK4502 B.     The only way I’m going to get that Tier 10 gun is to drive the thing and eat the credit losses.    Maybe the 3x special for the weekend will help, and I do get to relax mostly over the course of the weekend.      Will be driving the Jagdpanzer 4 for credit earning potential.    While I could buy myself a Tier 5 scout for 50% off – I have too many tanks already, and not enough time to play them.

And as a public service announcement, when you see someone type o7 this is NOT someone calling you gay.    They are saluting you.     The epic troll and the guys who let me believe that would be on my hit list if I could actually remember their names.