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Managed to get into War Thunder last night.    The holidays are over and I’m expected to work hard, leaving little gaming time.

Made my first kill.    Kills are well rewarded – 900xp or more.

And an award, for blowing up a bomber much higher grade than my noob plane.

And an award, for blowing up a bomber much higher grade than my noob plane.

This immediately pushed me to level 1 (of 20) as an American flyer.     I’ve bought another plane and another crew – strangely, a crew costs you 10,000 silver currency, whereas the first plane only costs you 500.     The next crew I purchase will cost 50,000.    Now I can get shot down four times a match.

I’ve been concentrating on hitting the ground targets requested on every mission – destroy this, destroy that – figuring that I have a better chance with them than dogfighting players who presumably have many matches under their belts.    And taking targets of opportunity.

The question for me is, tuning.   Will they tune this game such that early levels go faster/easier than they have it set at the moment ?    Or will they leave it as is, ensuring dozens of matches required to get started in the game ?    That is a legitimate beta decision which the game is officially in, and will determine the fun factor to a high degree.     As it is, it becomes a determined grindfest like World of Tanks.

No amount of signing up and being patient, or sleuthing around for an invite code, has gotten me into the World of Warplanes beta.    I think it will matter which of these is better, and how much, to see the future of MMO WWII vehicle grinder games.