War Thunder occupied my night.   I went ahead and completed all the tutorials for the game.    They are very well done, for the most part.    The Assault Plane one was pretty difficult, I kept crashing into the ground or running out of ammo, and having to restart.


The controls are straightforward for the most part.   You can fly with a keyboard (albeit clumsily) or just wiggle your mouse around and the plane will generally do what you want.


This is my Buffalo plane doing the Take Off tutorial

The game features aerial combat, close in bombing and ground target destruction, and full high altitude bombers with precision bombing and defense.     Ride a Flying Fortress and take any of the gun positions to shoot down the enemy.    Pretty cool !

Then I jumped in and did my first battle.       Simply fun !     As an American, I have three “reserve” planes and they all seem available to me as I play out the game.     Crashed the first one, but no problem, I jump back into the battle with the second and third, until they were all shot down.

This is Spectator mode, after I died.

This is Spectator mode, after I died.

The statistics page is very informative.      Hey, I wasn’t the *worst* performer so that makes me happy !


And clicking into your name or any one elses shows your personal stats.

Should be gaining levels if I keep playing.

Should be gaining levels if I keep playing.

Apparently, all levels of planes fly together.     They don’t corral noobs like me into a battle – I was up against jet powered MiGs and other Peashooters.     And there are a number of game modes.    I played the following in my three battles :

  • Capture the airfield.   Whichever team knocks the progress bar down fastest wins.
  • Destroy ground targets.    Once they’re all gone, the game is won.
  • Repair your plane at the airfield.     And destroy ground targets.

No doubt, this is an excellent game that’s in the polishing stages.    If they ever follow through with ground battles and fleet battles it’ll be impressive, but just the aircraft portion is fantastic fun.