And Minecraft continues.


A sunset seen through the forest, from one of my numerous bolt-holes

I managed to build a large number of shelters from the monsters before I realized I was overdoing it.    As you travel the world, it becomes harder and harder to make it back to your house before dark.    So I would make little shelters to sleep the night.

Turns out, most of the time I can simply dig a temporary shelter.   A door, a bed, and I’m always carrying a pickaxe.    In a minute I can be asleep in my bed, take the bed and door back, and head on my merry way.


Not far from my main base is this little gem.    The water should flood into the hole where I’m standing, but it shimmers instead like a real-world infinity pool.

But most of my recent time is spent doing this :

For mining, its best to tunnel straight.

For mining, its best to tunnel straight.

The need for diamonds is constant.   I want enough for a full set of armor and a sword; my diamond pickaxe is the only tool so far.

Some of the recent changes add some interesting things to the world.     Chickens are now fed with seeds – do not simply throw them away, feed your chickens with them.     You can grow carrots – if you can find a village, where they are farmed – and these are used to feed pigs.    So now, to get all three creatures as part of your farm (cows, pigs, and chickens) you need all three crops (wheat, carrots, and seeds) respectively.     I like what this adds.

Potatoes are the new crop, and I should make some baked ones soon, but I’m still busy growing them.   My wheatfield is large enough and grows quickly enough that I have no need for more, but I’m still expanding the potatoes.

The best thing about playing minecraft for me is simply acquiring more and more materials.    It’s therapeutic, given the stresses of big projects and the Christmas season.    So for the moment, I’m busy seeking out diamonds.

Below is my kids favorite video and song.    The original name eluded me until I googled it (Usher’s “DJ got us fallin in love”), but the parody is fun music and something I enjoyed watching once the kids forced me to do it.    They bought it for their Itouches.