Finally got my desired milestone of $1 million C-Bills.    Then, decided these Mechwarrior posts needs some screenshots.    Here is the normal position of the launcher – partly offscreen.    A bit annoying.


In game, a key thing to do was turn down graphics settings as well.   It used high by default; but by skipping past medium and down to low, the game is much smoother and still plenty attractive for my tastes.

And yet – I found no screenshot function.    I’m apparently supposed to download Snagit or somesuch software to make them.   I’ve been getting by with Paint and the native capture in Windows for so long, thanks to most games having a screenshot function, I’m not too excited about trying to find a safe (non-malwared) free alternative.  So much for showing yall how the battles go.

Most of the time my team lost horribly, but my aim is getting better.    Targeting in this game feels like it’s made for the twitch generation though.    I can lock onto a target – and get a kind of heads up display – but my shots don’t automatically go towards the enemy.

I can do a “Fire all weapons”, which is not the best thing to use for heat reasons, or I can fire weapons individually if I can get my fingers on the right keys.     This leads, instead, to button mashing and missing most shots.     Add in the fact that you really have to lead your shots, and it’s a difficult thing as a keyboard player to play.

In the meantime, I rack up World of Tanks matches still.    Boy, trying to accumulate silver without a premium account is an exercise in frustration.    I must have achieved it before by not really caring how much I was getting, but now, I want to hit the plateau and be ready to buy more tanks.

I have two Tier 9 tanks now – the Jagdtiger and the VK4502P.    I am ready to play the Jag, but will probably be forever waiting for enough free XP to play the “P”.    Regardless, both tanks incur punishing credit losses, win or lose, with no premium. So just playing them and not worrying about it, isn’t a good option.    Now, the KV-4 (Tier 8), that’s different – I don’t lose my shirt playing that.    But that beast is definitely waiting until 8m credits are banked as well.

For this reason, I think it’s time to play more mid tier games again.    Accumulate credits and/or move up additional lines.    If I wasn’t going to have an uncertain Christmas holiday I’d buy premium, but I think I’ll wait until after the new year.