Got clued in about the statistics available for Mechwarrior Online – they’re only accessible through the forum.

No kills.    Around a 50% record.

No kills. Around a 50% record.

Gold = Mechwarrior Credits.    Cost is $100 for 25,000 or $7 for 1,250, and points in between.

Silver = C-Bills.    Earned reliably by playing the trial mechs (at perhaps 70k per match like I’ve accomplished).

Would be nice to see some of the other statistics, but then again it’s an open beta.   For instance, you apparently get more money by doing kill assists.    I had one game we won where I managed to tag along with other people and get potshots at mechs for a total of four assists.    I was pretty proud of that, in my noobness.    But apparently I’ll have to remember that happening and it won’t be memorialized for me.

I also got introduced to being circle strafed to death.     The game rewards you for getting into matches, and I’m not too invested; this leads to being not that serious about finishing the match.  With me getting a “honeydo” at the same time the match started, I came back and found myself alone at the base for the “Caustic” map, and headed out.   An enemy Jenner sneaked into the base and started capping, so I went ahead and engaged him.

I just could not get my guns trained on this guy.     He was too good at being fast and staying on my back.    I moved around the obstacles as much as I could, back against the buildings, but I rarely got my weapons trained on him.    Managed to do about 60 damage (which doesn’t sound like a lot.    I really have no clue) before I finally went down.    Our team tried to cap the enemy base so I know I was useful at least, but we lost with everyone killed.

I’m trying out the “welcome” official forum.    It’s rather unfriendly.    This is not surprising given that we’re talking about gamers playing a giant robot game, but it doesn’t help you get invested if you stay clueless.    In game requesting “How do I talk to team?” got me an “Alt-F4” along with the correct answer “y”.     The font in the game is MISERABLE and too hard to read – after I had the right answer I was able to figure it out in game, but not before.

But the proof in the pudding here is continued play.    All I have to do is keep playing trial mechs and I WILL gain funds.     Planning to try and get one million C-Bills which is about 7 games – should be pretty quick.     I think I will stick with the Cataphract until I feel like I can move around and target, with a skill above that of a 3 year old toddler like I am at today.