After deletion of Mechwarrior temporary files…… No change.   Still wouldn’t start.  Deletion of all recent files (December dated) however, fixed the problem.     Go me !    I figured it out by scribbling on my blog.    So I got in and started to play, finally.

Managed three matches, and my highest damage total of 58 was in my first match.   It appears that is pretty low.   I got movement figured out by match #2, and Match 3 was following another mech to the enemy base capture point and starting to cap, but we lost.

The starter mechs give you no experience at all, only money.    I’m not really sure what it’s called, but it’s the silver one.    After earning silver, I have perhaps 300k of it and I think I need about 2 million to buy my first “real” mech.    Obviously, you’re meant to play the starter mechs first for many matches.

The advice given in the tutorial suggests you ignore the light and assault mechs, and focus on the two mediums you are given.    One is a missle based mech, and the other focuses on energy weapons.    Since I barely know what I’m doing, I am going to focus on energy weapons and drive the Cataphract.    That will be better for close in fighting if I remember anything about the tabletop Mechwarrior rules.   I have two wins and one loss so far; it does not appear that the game gives you a way to view your record however.

I’m thinking I’ll log in and play a few mechs on a daily basis.   I should probably explore that “social” button I saw.   Other than that, it somehow feels even more like a single player experience.   And my intuition was right – the progression is almost exactly the same as World of Tanks.

It’s really the lack of anything approaching a lobby.      I don’t exactly have a lobby for MWO.    I know there’s a garage – but it’s a tab off of a different “main page” which is begging me to buy stuff.     I feel like I have a launcher page, especially since a cursory look shows me no way to maximize the screen – I have to play windowed.     So it felt like launching a battle from a webpage – almost like playing a facebook game for crying out loud.   Compare with World of Tanks, where I have a garage that everything outside of game is accessed from.

Also did World of Tanks.    Without premium, its a lot slower to accumulate credits.     Even after several matches I “only” got about 40,000 credits perhaps, playing the Loltraker, the MS-1 and the Priest.     That 40,000 xp for the M41 is a long way away, but I’ve accumulated 4k after a number of winning matches last night.