After getting an invader medal, it was just a few capture points to go.

LeClerc's medal for capture points

LeClerc’s medal for capture points

That’s 30,000 capture points, and my second 1st class medal.    Expecting Carius’s medal next after another 1,000 kills.

Very much enjoyed the ability of the KV-2 to rack up the credits, with the Zhukov’s special.    An extra 70% bonus is pretty nice.    This is just sick compared to the usual :

About 45k net

About 45k net

And the Lowe sure brings them in too –

About 54k net

About 54k net

Won a top gun medal twice, and earned a cool 20,000 credits each time for it.   Strangely, I saw a frenzy happening on Friday night with people gunning for this (and often racking up 8 kills pursuing the award); but Saturday and Sunday are simply normal match days with an extra bonus possible.    I like it better that way – as a nice bonus if you happen to have a great game.

Progress includes 94% BIA on the MS-1, and watching the percentages climb for the Lowe’s and KV-2’s second set of skills.     Bought all the equipment upgrades for the Priest – and now it can actually reach most of the map, and becomes much more fun to play.

And the final credit tally for the weekend stands at 7 million credits.   With any luck this week will see me hit the 8 million goal.