Over the weekend I’m expecting to earn quite a few credits; in addition to minimal real-life responsibility, Zhukov’s special will be active and giving a 70% bonus to KV-2 credit earning potential.   Time to work those second level skills up for the crew.   Probably a good time for KV-3 matches as well, and perhaps to finally buy an IS.

In a short time I’ve managed to pile the credits up and now stand at a cool 5 million credits banked.    The Lowe is fantastic at making silver with premium, and any good match (and I’ve had several) seems to net over 10k.   I may have to reconsider my opposition to buying a premium account at this rate; it would be nice to see an end to credit hoarding in two weeks or so, as opposed to a long process of a month or more.

I went ahead and bought a M7 Priest given the 50% discount during the week; I’m not upgrading it however until I reach my credit goal.   The upgrades are full price anyway.    The few matches I’ve taken it out in have been good, but my crew is miserable being just above 50%.