Minor update on progress in-game.

  • The MS-1 crew stands at 903 battles with 93% BIA.     If only I could have played some during Thanksgiving weekend – double crew XP.
  • KV-2 passes my Hummel to claim top spot #10.    The crew finally made 100% repair and are going after various “new” crew skills instead.   What my second loader is supposed to pick (The first will have Safe Stowage) is not clear, probably camo.    The loader skills blow.
  • 4.4 million credits banked at the moment.    Enjoying the week of free premium; with the Lowe I have managed to churn out two net 50k games over the last few days.    Other than that it’s mostly T1-T5 action and always around 4-7k credits net.   I have three tanks I’m kind of trying to progress; I just run out of time before getting to them.

I am guessing the 8.2 update will be coming soon (1st week of December?), but this is just a guess.    They cut the Chinese tanks from the update, and they’ll probably return in the future.