It took over 10,000 matches but it finally happened.

Knispel’s Medal, class 1

Awarded for damage caused and received over 10 million points.   Best guess is the next one I’ll get is Carius’ medal, but I need to destroy more than 1,400 vehicles to get there.

Moving the way I want them

There’s been some changes to the top ten tanks.   Jagdpanther is firmly in possession of #2 spot.    Lowe moves up to #6 as desired and passes the KV-1.    And of course, I cut him from my primary tanks immediately afterwards.

I have heard it said many times, get the premium tanks and watch the credits roll in.     Bah.    I can get several thousand credits playing tier 1 vehicles, 8-10 thousand credit games with the KV-2, and an average of 10k games with the Lowe.   Sometimes better, sometimes worse.    Why bother with the thing is how I feel about it.     Regretting spending the money on the thing, still.    With a premium account and +50% credits, it’s a different story, but without it’s meh.

MS-1 crew is 92% into Brothers in Arms.   I estimate I’ll hit 1,000 matches in the tank, and 100%.    That’s about another 120 matches to go.