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It’s an exciting time to be employed at my job.    New system being implemented, tons of work, tons of overtime, and I’m back on the roller coaster of big software packages.

This also crowds out gaming to a large extent.     Scramble still getting played – it’s a perfect little game for five minute breaks.     My co-worker plays it all the time and she’s fun.

Doing a little Life is Crime as well.    The app is so buggy now, its unbelievable.    I think they’ve realized they have a commercial flop and have reduced the back end infrastructure.   The thing crashes, and when it crashes, it turns off the ringer on the phone for no apparent reason as well, requiring me to reboot the phone.    Nevertheless, I still log in and pick up my money at a minimum.

Still tanking as always, but there’s nothing notable on that front.     3.3 million credits stored in the bank.   Recall that my goal for flexibility is to hold onto 8 million; this was good, because the Golden Joystick weekend cost me over 6 million.    I bought a Veterans day package for $20, including over one million credits, and am slowly working my way up on that front.    Added the Stug (Money maker) to primary tanks, removed the VK4502P (Going to free XP my way farther with that guy) and am mostly concentrating on accumulating the credits.   When I can get matches in, that is.