Now that was a treat.    I read Gankalicious’s post about his battle in Ensk against a “famous” blogger.    In it he treats us to a game commentary by creating a Youtube video show of the battle with a voiceover.

And it occurs to me – this was recently a work project.    Figure out how to record video from the screen with voiceover.     And I have the software (Camtasia) with a work license.   I wonder if I can install it at home, given that installing the game software on my work PC is Clearly.   A.   Bad.   Idea.

This would alleviate the uselessness, other than on the mayfly timetable, of the WoT replays feature.    All replays are obsoleted after every update, making them useless as archivers, but great to immediately review what happened with a battle.    Something I’m going to have to try out.

It was fun to watch the battle from the other guy’s perspective, so I figured I’d post my replay as well, of Gank’s game.    Other recent notable games include my Unearned Kolobanov’s Medal, and the surprising KV-4 Of Death game.