I spent a bunch of free XP to move forward with the KV-4, and got the gun upgrade for it.    Now, it’s a matter of grinding out the 168k to the ST-1.      Guess how my first game with the new gun went ?   First match of the night too ?    Admittedly, I was top tank but still :

There’s me Ace, and a bit more….

The map was the Serene Coast, also known as the Loss Magnet.    We were north. I immediately sat on the railway towards the center to wait for developments.      Halfway through the match an enemy T/25 comes up the tracks, unaware I’m lurking nearby.    He’s looking the wrong way, over the tracks, and is my first kill.    After judging a lot of enemy tanks are dead and it’s time to push, I cross the railway and head into the deadly area of the center right, with lots of rocks to hide behind.

Lots of peek a boo, bouncing shots exactly like I’m supposed to do, and arty dodging commenced.     After its all done, I have a total of three kills.    Three of the enemy left – two arties, and a T-44.   The T-44 displays a startling lack of tactics and sits there and shoots at me.    I oblige him by obliterating him in exchange for the loss of some 200 hp.     As I advance on the base, the enemy arty is right there in the circle and gets one-shotted.    Time to find the last arty.

The M41 is hiding along a little path, and tries to take aim on me.   I am fortunate enough to point my gun in his direction, snap off a shot, and blast him.    Top gun plus the win.

What’s really strange is it didn’t feel like I was doing anything particularly well.    Move up, dodge around, advance on the base.    Many’s the time that I needed to strategically work to make the match winnable, and those are nail biting fun times. This was…. just another win.    Until I looked at the scoreboard.