During matches today for 5x bonuses, I ran my Ferdi and did very well.    As usual, any win is followed by another match in the same tank, because that’s the way to increase your win rate.    Well, we got a win all right :

Kolobanovs. But – did I deserve it ?

The map was Sand River, on the Assault game mode.   We were defending.    I took up position in the middle on the extreme east – they’ve changed the map a lot there, really mixed up the terrain.    I put a lot of hits on a lot of tanks and kept them from advancing on that side.

In the meantime, the team got chewed up pretty well and a lot of enemy tanks advanced onto the base as time was expiring.    First one fellow defender fell.    Only 30 seconds left.    I moved forward and got tracked.    A second defender fell.   10 seconds left.    And we won.    “I” won.

While I had a good game and did well, that was not what Kolobanov’s was supposed to be about.   It was supposed to be about facing many enemies by yourself and killing them all.   Or being sneaky enough to cap with five enemies after you.     This is not in the same league.

It was fun taking out my Loltraker, and my MS-1 today.   You see, with the new British tanks, the opposition is almost guaranteed not to be up to snuff.   Bunch of people driving 50% skill tanks they just bought.    And they didn’t disappoint.

What, no top gun ? For shame !

Shall be taking them out as much as possible over the weekend for the lulz and the extra XP.    Think I can beat my kill record of ten on tier ones this weekend ?

I’ve also continued to advance up the British medium tank tree.

Ok – whose idea were these names ?

Have elited both of these tanks and unlocked the Tier 4 A13.     That’s it – just the A13.    With this one costing 110,000 credits I decided to stop moving forward as the 4502P purchase is coming up.

I’m liking the Tier 2 tank.     It feels heavy, fast, big and dangerous.    Might want to keep it.   Managed to get the crew up to 62% with it.    Also, bought the Tier 9 VK4502P and had some fun with it.

Had good matches with the Jagdpanther, which is earning extra credits for the moment :

Yes, this was fun.

This was the assault straw, that broke the camel’s back.

It’s kind of hard to carry the team any more than I managed here.   It was a Malinovka assault, tiers 9 to 7.    I bashed the heck out of the enemy and we still lost.   Last one alive too.    The map is just no fun, so I again disabled assault until they can fix this map or exclude it.

And of all the unexpected things – I find myself set against another blogger.    I got killed by him.

It was a back and forth in the middle of a 5 tank battle on each side, but he got me.

Nice one Gank !    Hopefully we win the battle next time.    OK, I mean, hopefully I kill you next time.