First heard about this at Z’s Blog.    Mechwarrior Online is finally entering Open Beta.   Apparently, this means the start of progression in the game world as there will be no more resets, even if the game isn’t at a final level of polish.    Effectively, this is a launch.

Monday, October 29th is D-day, although I can’t tell what time they’re opening the servers.    I will without a doubt be checking this out, because battlemechs always have intrigued me, since way back in the ’90s when I got introduced to FASA games.

From my limited understanding, it is a free game, with the freemium model of payments for things that are nice to haves, but one can be a freeloader with enough determination. That’s good.   I’m usually a freeloader, although I’ve managed to blow $150 on World of Tanks because the game is very good.     And without paying any money, MWO gets the chance to hook me and have me continue to play their game.

Looks pretty nice.

On their website they have a big button reminding you to reserve your pilot name.   Thankfully, my nym was available and is now reserved for me (MrrX).    Now the only question is, when will I be able to get in ?    The software doesn’t seem available for download at this time so I suppose I’ll check it on Monday evening.