Damnation !

I lost track of how many matches I played, and appear to have played my 10,000th match last night.

I sure played quite a few. I wanted to record the action in match 10,000.

Thanks to the magic of recorded replays, I did figure out which match it was.   I drove the VK3002DB for match 10,000.

It was Karelia, and I was a low tank in a Tier 9 battle.


We advanced as this map often goes – nobody up the middle, and left and right advances.

They forgot to send anybody left. Fine by me.

Had to get close to the base before some enemies appeared

Their SPG’s

The Chaffee reached the base before me, and banged up the M41.   I managed to finish him off, and then wreck the S-51.    I thought I was a goner when my sidehug failed.

Really, dude, you should have killed me by all rights.


Base capture at 48%. But uh oh – look what’s coming up on the right.

I made the bad tactical decision to bounce around and sit tight, trying to bring in arty fire.     They crested the base plateau and blew me up.

One shot from him brought me to 0% from 50%.

Losing the enemy base got all of our sides attackers killed, and after that they continued the sweep to our base until we were all gone.     So match 10,000 was a loss.

I reached 9,000 on August 5th, so it took 2 months and 20 days to reach this milestone.     Took over 3 months for the last one, so I’m speeding up a bit.

In other news, World of Tanks won the Golden Joystick award for best MMO.    The promised special is set for next weekend, November 2nd – 5th.    This gives me a week to push total XP earned between free XP, and tank XP, to 168k for the VK4502B.    Buying this beast during the special is a 1.1 million credit discount, so it’s a worthy goal to try for.

Also plan to buy the Jagdpanther at a 900k credit discount.

Progress notes :

  • Got the engine upgrade for the KV-4.    I can’t tell you how it drives since I literally bought it the match before writing this.   And I’m not driving that pig again until the daily double resets.
  • VK3002DB is at 17k toward 20k for the Panther
  • Will be driving the M3 Lee and M4 Sherman during the weekend event.     Need to earn credits as I am about to blow all 8 million, most likely, during the next weeks event.

I continue to play Chefville, where I have progressed to the exalted mastery level of 228 stars.    Now, they’ve screwed up the game for me.   To finish my outstanding quests (3 in total) I am completely dependent on my ability to get potatoes from neighbors.   You see, I can’t unlock the potatoes until I get more mastery stars (264 to be exact), and I can’t achieve 264 stars without potatoes.    Catch-22.   This is not fun.

Well, yeah, looks like I’m screwed

In addition, the graphics engine is screwed up.   I get to watch my little guy stutter step through his restaurant, and clicking on anything is a chore.     Makes it more likely I’ll just give up and say screw it; although so far, I’ve only logged in to the game once a day while waiting for something to get fixed.

Given the recent layoffs at Zynga I might be waiting a long time.