I’ve been enjoying two specials available for World of Tanks :

  • Golden Joystick voting drive.     This is giving us a 3x boost instead of 2x for the days first victory.
  • American tech tree focus, giving a big credit boost for my T29.    I love the T29.

Now, I’m really hoping World of Tanks manages to capture the Golden Joystick award.    If that happens, Tier 9 TD’s will cost the same as Tier 8 TD’s – a million credit savings.    Finally it’ll be time to buy the Jagdtiger.

That’s not all – you’ll get 5x bonuses and 50% discounts on garage slots, equipment, and training.     So if you’re reading this and you haven’t voted – go here and vote, please.

I am working up two lines towards unlocking other Tier 9’s, but its unlikely that I’ll manage to do so in time; the 4502A still needs 54k to unlock the 4502B.    It’s possible, but unlikely.

And the KV-4…….My last battle in this stupid thing, I could see our side was losing badly, I was a very low tank, and I sure did not want to pay the repair bill.    So I just suicided into a lake.    Much, much lower repair bill.   Never thought I’d do that but the thing is very painful.

Driving the KV-4 is only fun if I’m the top tank at this point. Getting close to unlocking the engine upgrade; and my crew is about 200xp away from being 100% primary.    Win rate dropped to 35%, and I’m not surprised.    I have managed to get five steel walls with this tank however.   That’s my role.    Get shot at, and bounce the shots.

I’m not really enjoying the VK3002DB, however.   I see what they mean now, about this being a very average tank – it doesn’t excel at anything.    I’ve decided since the number is so low (20k) I’m just going to unlock the Panther first and see how I feel about continuing to drive the thing, and get the rest of the upgrades.   11k to go.

My KV-2, oh how I love this thing.     I get these constant reaper streaks – killing an enemy with one shot.     This week I bested my performance by one, making it a 9-kill streak.      I even had a 12-game win streak which is always fun.     I’ll be driving this for the forseeable future, as I need to generate the credits and it’s simply fun.