Weekend World of Tanks update.

  • Bought the VK3002DB, got a 91% percent crew set up, and started playing.     Bit of a disappointment actually.    I feel like I’m driving a slow tank compared to the VK4502A.    Didn’t win a lot of matches with it either.
  • VK4502A is up to 102k of 167k until the “B” opens up.   69k of 78k for the Jagdpanther, which could not have a good game all weekend.
  • KV-4 unlocked the upgraded tracks, and had some good games.   Win rate increased to 39%.   And look at the below game – 43 hits received, most bounced.

If we’d won, I’d have had Steel Wall for sure. Too bad the rest of the team got outplayed.

  • Back up to 8.1m credits thanks to the special.   The Easy 8 had a bunch of good matches    Total matches up to 9,850.
  • Oh, and here’s the result of me trying the western canyon high road on El Halluf.    I have always avoided this, but being the top tank I was expected to make this happen and completely disappointed everyone.

    Just couldn’t do anything useful, and ended up dead.

    I got one sheriff match, but of course he was on my team.