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It’s interesting to see all the different ways I’m gaming at the moment.

With the mobile

I’ll log in and play Scramble with Friends when games are available.   (Think Boggle) I have one friend who’s addicted and loves this, and a few others who play occasionally.    Sometimes, instead of reading the news in the bathroom, I’m playing there, which gives me immediate additional time for gaming, versus how it was in the past.

I reinstalled Life is Crime but the thing crashes all the time and the gameplay can be kind of dumb.   I’m mostly just stockpiling cash, because I want to be rich.    I play this when I’m the passenger in a car or at other odd times.

With the laptop

I have discovered that facebook games are pretty good things to play at the office. I can sneak in a few minutes every so often on my personal laptop.    Since most of these games depend on long leadtimes for something to cook/grow/whatever you just time it and see if something is finished, and it’s time to start anew.  Of course, this competes with mobile time.

With the PC

World of Tanks is the mainstay here, although I’ll do a long session on Chefville as well.     I can read a book and wait for timers with Chefville, which is ideal as long as the situation might be “Honey can you do this?”.    Or just as likely “Dad do you want to play a game?”

The question sometimes becomes, play something on the mobile because it’s my move or because of a timer; or do the PC.    Sometimes the mobile wins out.

The upshot of all the above is I find myself torn between devices, and games, depending upon my mood as never before.   Usually, it would be a question of what do I want to “PC” today.    This is an interesting dynamic.    After losing a big streak of tanking matches, Chefville tends to get fired up.     I might sit for a few minutes outside the office just to work on a location for Life is Crime, even though my kitchen needs me.    I don’t Scramble much in the car due to bouncing cars not being conducive to slider phone games.

The number of gaming choices we have today is astonishing.