Quite a few odds and ends happening with World of Tanks.

  • Wargaming uses Playspan, which is some type of additional payment system.    I use credit cards and am not interested in this, thank goodness.    Playspan suffered a security breach and all World of Tanks users that use Playspan are being urged to change their passwords.
  • Want to change your nickname ?   I got mine changed from the ridiculous “Handell” to my official nom de cyber “MrrX”.    Apparently, going forward you will need 2,500 gold (About $14)  in order to accomplish this.   Be careful when you create that nickname kids !     With a free to play game, I’m finding it hard to be outraged, but I am a little disappointed.
  • The weekend special is named the “Medium Medley” and contains a very fetching surprise : I will have the ability to buy the VK3002DB at 50% off!   From memory I think this saves 650,000 credits which is huge.   And since buying it was the plan anyway this is great news.    I could be running this plus the Easy 8 for 70% extra credits all weekend.
  • Via Reddit, news comes of proposed 8.1 patch notes.    My favorite : Prohorovka assault is being removed.     With that change, I will feel better about playing it and hoping for no games with Malinovka except for the standard battle.   The encounter is a constant draw, and the assault seems to yield a one-sided battle every time.
  • 8.1 also might allow the purchase of premium rounds via credit purchase instead of gold.    Reddit can’t shut up about this one, but I’m not too concerned one way or another.