My first match, it was fun.     Top tank in Wide Park, I played the delaying action along the west side of the map, got some shots in and we won.    And I thought, I will be liking this tank.      Maybe I’ll be liking it someday, but not today.

That is a BAD record.

Now I recall buying the VK4502A, and thinking I would wait until I had all modules unlocked before even plopping a crew in.    And I love that big beast.    This one, I don’t have anywhere near enough free XP to unlock things so I just have to grind it out.   But the numbers, they look painful.

A few hundred to go for the suspension. Whoopee. Look at how much for the other upgrades – just under 80k !

I am not sure what to do on this one, but I suppose I’ll continue looking for daily doubles and just keep on playing.    The credit loss from constantly losing like that is really draining too.

The tank is slow, slow, slow.   My role being to take shots, except I often can’t get in position to take any, in a smart way, especially on the more open maps.      I can hardly damage anything with the miserable stock gun, and to add insult to injury, the crew just broke 95% primary skill (With a high repair skill, admittedly).    I can’t recall using a worse gun – inaccurate,  and slower to load than watching paint dry.     With a sniper weapon this thing would be different, but as is I am frustrated.

To get a worse win % you have to go back to Tier 1 tank the American T1.   Five matches, one win, 20%.    Yet this beast has a mere 27% win rate, because I can’t drive it well, and it sucks.

But on to the bright points.

Stug III moves into 13th place on my most matches list, and both that and the T49 earned me a lot of credits over the weekend.     Just shy of 15k left to go on the Jagdpanther to unlock the JPII.    And my MS-1 crew moves to 87% brothers in arms.     That is an achievement.    Each percentage is taking over 10,000 XP in the lowest earning tank.

Should I stop playing tanks long enough to pick up X-Com ?    It’s being released tomorrow on Steam, and I am sure it’s fabulous.      Think I’ll wait a few days at least, despite the excellent buzz.