The new statistics are very illuminating, right after the battle you can make some deductions.

We beat this team easily.   But what’s that Pz35t there with no damage or results ?

But wait – penetrations ?

I managed three damaging shots, and got two others against the PZ35t.    They said “penetration” each time, yet I apparently did not damage him, or critical him.    Finally, a way to see more about the annoying “no-damage-penetration” shots.

In this case, I am sure it was a long range shot.   Did I penetrate (assuming no distance penalty), then fail to do any damage because of the distance the shell had to travel ?  I thought distance was a penalty to penetration, but maybe it’s damage.

One thing very clear after several battles – I am in fact fairly good at this game.   I get as much, or more, XP as my teammates.

With five kills, it makes sense. But I usually have a high number relative to my team, even without kills.

Then there’s the changed research screen.    It’s VERY different.

Well, it’s pretty.

Gold tanks are now listed here.   Any tank you own, gets a check mark.    And it goes left to right instead of top to bottom now.

Similar for the individual tank. If you don’t own something you’ve researched, its price is displayed and you can buy it from here.