After a very good weekend of tanks, I’ve managed to get almost enough credits for another heavy tank.    I have three choices :

  1. KV-4, the beast I can never penetrate when fighting.    Don’t have anywhere near enough free XP to unlock extra modules, so it would be fighting stock for awhile.
  2. T32, the American beastie with an impenetrable turret.   This, I could fully research immediately.
  3. Tiger II, which seems very squishy and makes me not interested in starting it up.

My 4502B unlock is progressing, but I only have about 60k of the 168k needed.     I’m also grinding to the Jagdpanther II which is 44k of 77k needed.     God, the Jagdpanther can be fun if you can put its speed to use – I got a top gun on it after getting behind the enemy and taking out a bunch of fast moving tanks.

Having fought a lot of French TD’s I find myself wanting to go down that line, but I’m going to try and hold off on that.     I have more than enough lines I’m moving down.   Any TD or medium I might want costs another 1m credits, so that might be next after another heavy.