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The gaming continues.    Having another fantastic match, sure gives you something to write about, but I’m getting ahead of it all.

  • Life Is Crime is now reinstalled on my mobile.      It’s a simple way to pass the time if you need it, and only the mobile is available.
  • Scramble with Friends has replaced Words With Friends for a mobile game, which you actually play against someone.

Chefville got the required 121 stars out of me, to upgrade and have more ingredients available.     Did another group of quests and am now stuck waiting to get….. 131 stars.     The treadmill continues.    Well, I have to admit it’s still fun.

One interesting aspect about playing Facebook games.    Women play them.    And you never have enough friends to do well, so you find yourself friending people just to have them as neighbors, that provide bonuses.    And thus, my friend strip looks like the below.

Eye Candy is good.

In World of Tanks, I have managed to unlock the KV-4 finally :

Now, just need another 2.6m credits and lots of free XP.

I keep on playing various tanks even though they’re elited.    My top list consists of the PZ38, MS-1, KV-3 and KV-2, VK4502A and Lowe, and Ferdi and Jagdpanther.    Last night I managed another Boelter’s medal :

Seven kills, five of them with no help.

It was a match on the Steppes.    XVM informs me I have a 5% chance of success, and I look at the composition of my team.   I am the only one who’s not red in the top ten tanks.    The other guys have four players with over 10k matches against me in my 9k.    Sounds like things will be going well !

They sure started bad.    My team hardly realized that the thing to do is go north to the enemy’s start point.    Me and a VK3001P move that direction and find four or five enemies in there.    He gets killed quickly, so its just me against the enemy.

One after another, I wipe out four of them.   Things go pretty well on the field for supposedly having an awful team; I look up, and find out that it’s me and an M4 against 3 of them.   They’re capping, and I’m on the opposite side of the field.    I begin moving my lumbering behemoth, and bless him, the M4 manages to reset the cap and die, just as I kill off a PZ4, then a T14.     It ends badly for the Grille, who resets my capping, but can’t seem to damage me, he just tracks me.

Replay is here.

Now that was fun !