The 5X weekend has come and gone in a blur of tank destruction.    Labor day weekend was also all about Mountasia (Think 1/2 chuck-e-cheese, 1/2 arcade) and Minecraft on the LAN.    Or, the lack thereof.

There were some posts about how to play Minecraft, on a LAN, with a single license, that my lazy googling discovered.      None of them worked.    In fact, on one of the house’s computers, I cannot even log in anymore with my legit account.     Given that its performance is very bad anyway it’s hard to care – and my boy did not appreciate the debugging process and asked if we could make his Sea Monsters (Triopes) science kit instead.

Given the gigantic mountain my tanks need to climb, there’s really no news/milestones of note.    Got a very bad win/loss record over the weekend, and will have to try and start winning again.    And, I got a 7 day premium account and am regretting it; last night I didn’t play, which makes me feel like I’m wasting money by sleeping instead of gaming.    Imagine that – hitting the sack and getting a full eight hours sleep, wastes money ?