Cooking bricks in the oven is a bit of a boring process.     First, you take a 64 stack of clay and fire it in the oven.   Repeat 4 times; or twice, if you have two ovens like I do.

Hurry up…

While this is going on I’m careful to stay near the house, as I’m pretty sure “time stops” if you wander too far off.    My farm has gotten much improved, including more types of sheep in their pen, and harvesting much wheat, cane, and animals.   It definitely takes a long time to bake these bricks.

Then a quick combine of four clay bars makes brick, a 64-stack.   After thinking about where I wanted to brick it all out, I ended up with this.

Yeah, that’s better but not exactly good looking.

Need to figure out how to top it somehow and make it “look better”.    Now, inside, that’s a different story, I’m very satisfied with how it came out :

Brick wall; stone floors; natural ceiling

I liked the look of the stone brick floors so much I ceased brick production in favor of them, and started paving the entire hideout.    My first thought was, good idea anyway – it’ll get rid of cobblestone.    It’s not working that way, as most every brick I replace is also cobblestone.     Perhaps, with enough fuel, I’ll bake myself enough bricks to pave my highways !

Friday is the beginning of a World of Tanks 5x weekend, and I’m thinking I’ll be taking advantage of that; I’ve got the womenfolk out of the house and it’s just me and my boy for Labor Day weekend.   Either that, or we’ll be trying a two player Minecraft LAN game.