Explored along a massively long highway and eventually gave up trying to find new biomes.    After hitting the sixth distinct biome, it made more sense to head back home with my loot.     Back home, I decided to go back to my first highway, and I cut my way through the jungle to see what I’d find.   What I found, was an odd arrangement of jungle, ice, and desert biomes.     But finally, desert !    Now I was all set with sand.

Having explored three directions, it seemed to be time to hit the fourth.   The only problem with this was, it was a matter of cutting tunnel through the extreme hills biome for a long long way.    But I went ahead and started anyway, and along the way I finally achieved that long-sought goal : A large chest, full of coal.

Naturally, after all that digging I had a ton of cobblestone left.   One problem : I have one full chest in my headquarters of it, and one full one in the nether.    So I went looking for a nether fortress, paving the way in cobblestone.    Turns out it didn’t take long at all until I found it !

I believe that’s nether brick ahead.

I’ve explored the fortress and gotten my nether wart.   I’m at a bit of a loss as to what to do next – I still have a ton of cobblestone to get rid of; or do I mine the hell out of the fortress for nether brick; or do I find the next one ?

But after I deal with this successfully I plan to build a better looking home base.