Managed to get completely lost.    Really, really, lost.   As I was pushing along the highway to other biomes, I took a wrong turn somehow harvesting trees and the next thing I know, I can’t find the stupid thing.   Even worse – my compass was at home.   This would have directed me back to the origin which would have saved me.

I got a little cave shelter built, and set off to build a compass.   This would require redstone, which I didn’t have, so I started to build a mine and was looking forward to the whole thing.     Then I managed to fall into a deep shaft and die, respawning at the origin.    I suppose that worked.

Have added that low/swampy biome with lily pads to my collection.   And then, decided it was time to enter the Netherworld.   This is the spot you can only reach by building an obsidian portal.

Whoops. That has to be THREE high, and two wide.

After fixing that little goof :

Spooky sounds and purple flakes

When I got to the nether, I was apparently in a small underground pocket.    In my adventures digging, and dying twice, I discovered I was underneath a gigantic lava pool.   Every flaming time I dug up, there was lava.    But I persevered, and dug in a straight line for what seemed like forever, until finally a stairstep upward got me out.

After finally breaking through

Then came the strange part.    After teleporting back to the real world, I was walking out of a nether portal farther down the way from the portal I entered !

I’m confused. So are the cows.

In any event, I can teleport *to* the nether easily enough, from either portal.    Each time I leave now, I seem to pop up in this one.

The nether features several blocks you can only get there, including glowstones.   These things tend to spawn above large lava pools, requiring you to build a floor underneath them just to reach them.

Glowstone mining in progress

Getting vertigo in a game is a good sign – tends to tell you that it’s definitely still fun, and I am seriously nervous on top of this platform trying to build such a large floor.    It’s totally safe – the sneak mode ensures you will never fall off.    It still makes me queasy even so.