Minecraft has received an update, and got me started on it again.

It’s now up to version 1.3, which has a lot of technical changes and multiplayer added, which I’ve ignored.    I wanted to try out the “Large Biomes” feature, so I did what we constantly do around here, and started a new game.        Large is not quite the best statement to use – they’re HUGE.

I was started on the border between a Hills area, and the Taiga.    I got my starting area all set up with a wheat farm and a deep mine.    Then I started cutting through the Taiga to find a new biome, making a highway along the way.     Well – more like a recognizable path.    This involved some cutting up of the terrain, adding in stairways, and chopping down a lot of trees.    This took probably ten full game days.      Let that sink in – ten day and night cycles, even on peaceful mode with all the monsters turned off.

When I finally reached a new biome – Jungle – I ran back to my first home, and walked beginning at dawn towards the Jungle.     I made it most of the way, and opened up another bolthole house.      The size is making it a lot more fun to explore the world, because it’s so much more difficult.

Looking along the highway to the Jungle. My newest little shelter is to the left.

You can now earn “XP” from collecting items.   Every time I mine a coal block, I get some, as well as certain other items.    It’s kind of nice that I can both enchant and/or get a better score, while on peaceful mode.

I have collected some of the new cocoa beans.   The Wiki tells me that they can be used to make cookies, and I’ll have to try that.    Food still seems to be the roadblock to surviving in Minecraft on normal; at some point I should have enough food stockpiled to turn it back on.

Those are cocoa beans.