Time for a World of Tanks update.

  • KV-3 up to 21k of 53k towards the KV-4.
  • VK4502A has a mere 25k of the 169k it needs towards the 4502P.
  • Jagdpanther 9k of the 78k towards Jagdpanther II.
  • 76% Brothers-In-Arms on the MS-1.   Man, this is slow.
  • The Locust and the Ferdinand continue to pile up matches as I try to move them higher in my personal “standings”.     Dumb, but fun.

And I took advantage of the sale on the PZ38 to buy one.   Yes, now I have a Mini Maus.     Added my Loltraker and this one to primary as well.   I did it the smart way this time – no crew for the PZ38, they just switch out between this tank and the Loltraker.

Now I know why they call it the Mini Maus.   It’s slow.    I have a hard time getting to a good spot in the battle, and my gun is anything but the best.     But the shots just ping off the front of this thing.     Got a steel wall award already after only six battles.

Also, seems I’m starting to win again – I’m now up to 183 wins over .500 which makes me happy.   I was getting frustrated during the week with my 50% wins and losses and the occasional dip one or two more losses for the day.   The weekend has turned things around, with a large number of consecutive wins in my KV-3.   The 4502A is a fantastic tank all right, and will certainly be kept for a long time.

Back up to 7.7 million credits, after dipping pretty far on equipment purchases and whatnot.    Should hit 8 million soon, this week, but as far as progressing past any goal with any of these tanks, not very likely this week.    Did not claim my happy tank day promotion yet, since it’s good until 8/22.    Perhaps over next weekend.