For some time I’ve had the goal of getting the Maus tank – this is, of course, one of the Tier X German Heavies.    It’s probably the first one developed in-game, looks fearsome, and has pretty thick armor with a lackluster gun.

This may turn out to be a bad idea according to chatter among the community (Good example).     And the icing on the cake is when the WoT Armory posts an article, basically calling the thing pretty useless.

Seems the tank is the classic example of power creep which infects MMO’s and other games that aren’t “finished”.    The very first top powered item, gets made worse by comparison because the newer items have more power.     The Maus seems to be a good example of this problem.

I don’t know.   Maybe I should head for a Tier X American heavy, or something Russian.    Sure looks fun to drive an IS-4, and I’m moving up the path towards this beast from the KV-3.    I have heard some quiet chatter that the IS-7 isn’t that good either anymore, not sure about that one.   I know for sure I don’t want an E-100, everyone I see driving those things complains about them.