For match 9,000 I selected the mighty MS-1.    Why not ?    I love this thing, and I had just lost on match 8,999 with the Jagdpanther, another serious contender.    The crew is at 73% brothers in arms, probably closer to finishing than starting, but still a long way to go to complete.

I like the spiffy ribbons these guys get

I reached 8,000 matches on April 25, after 29 days of playing.    This took a lot longer obviously, a total of 3 months and 11 days.     I had wondered at the time if I’d hit 10,000 matches as of July 1st, and was obviously very wrong.

XVM predicted a solid win :

Blowout ready

And everybody fanned out well.

Pretty much as I’d have asked.

Then I got killed by a sniper while engaged with a another enemy :

Bastard PZ35t.

But we won, which is the really important part of any match.

One kill, eh, we won though.

And now the “leaderboard” looks like this :

Changed include – all the “KV” matches transferred to the KV-1 which annoy me to no end, at #6 ; The Lowe moves up to #7 on the strength of 27 matches; and you can see that the Ferdinand is #10 since I am not in a clan anymore.    Otherwise no top ten positions change.

In other events – I finally managed to elite the KV-2 and unlock the S-51 :

My Russian tank tree progress

Even took the KV-2 off primary tanks, despite its credit earning power.    I do want to re-accumulate 8 million credits, but I’m not going to worry too much about it.    I think I’ll just see how far I can move this group (4502 A, MS-1, Jagdpanther, KV-3) towards elitedom and go from there.     Three active tanks will probably be too few.   The T29 goes off the list again since the weekend “suck special” of double credits will be finished.