The new update 7.5 is live.    It seems it’s not compatible with my version of XVM, but I’m not motivated enough to search out the new version.   I suspect the program messed up the PC’s state, since my FPS went down to 4 for the first session I opened WoT.   After rebooting, the FPS is back to normal.

I managed to get in and start playing my T-28.   This is the tank set for a nerf in this update, because the gun tier would get lowered.   I selected the ZiS-4, which is a T5 gun with good penetration, and went ahead and played some rounds.    Won many (6) and eventually lost.    The feared nerf is not particularly visible, which is great news.    I decided to drop this tank from primary though.

My Jagdpanther is back on primary as I have a Jagdpanther II to research with it now.    My French H35 is elited….. and I don’t really care.   Vacation seems to have put to rest the idea of getting a free slot and tank on the french line, and despite a few good games with it, I’m much more interested in pursuing the German line to completion.

Played a few games on the new map, Port.    It’s a nice map.   I have no idea what I’m doing, so far, but I’ve run around among the train cars and had a fantabulous time taking potshots at various enemies.

It will soon be the weekend, and I can take advantage of another underwhelming special for WoT :

50% discount on the following Premium tank:
  • T14
Credit income bonus: 2x
  • T29
  • AMX M4 (1945)
Discount on all equipment: 50%
Discount on crew skills reset: 50%

*not crew training

Premium Account Discount:
  • 3 days for 300 gold
  • 7 days for 600 gold

Best things on there are the double credits for the T29, and 50% equipment discount.    Maybe it’s time to blow some credits on equipment upgrades.